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To provide a variety of services and meet customers' needs as much as possible, Storage Asia Company has developed the service to support the change of customers by applying technology to provide Self Storage services through online channels. It increases convenience for customers who want to store items anywhere,anytime, without traveling to the storage area, but can do various things via the internet.

i-StoreGO is a Door-to-Door Storage Service provider for customers who want to keep their personal belongings outside the home. Through the Online Account management system by comparing the Login Account as the door to the storage area. Customers can choose the size of the site and the length of time to store items according to customer needs. The company will send staff to pick up items from the customer’s living place for storage to the i-Store location and return them when they need them without traveling in and out of the personal storage area.

Using a personal storage service through an online management system Customers must register via the website:

The service model of i-StoreGo is divided into 2 types:

1.By Item (Storage by items): On-Demand Storage. This type of storage is for storing small items packed into boxes or wardrobes, golf bags, guitars, bicycles, etc. The company will bring such assets or items and keep them at the company's place. However, suppose the customer has a demand for items in the deposit list during the storage contract. In that case, customers can manage appointments to return their belongings according to their date and time.
2.By Size (deposit service according to size): Only pay for what you need. This type of storage is for storing large items for a long period.

Suitable for customers looking for storage such as home furnishings and furniture in renovating the house or storage to prepare to move. Storage of items for long-term storage with the correct storage method can keep items in their original condition, ready for use when returning to customers. This is also perfect for storing items to prepare for moving both domestically and internationally. The company will send staff who can move and calculate the room size and suitable storage methods for customers to the home or place of origin to make the number, size, and space to store things. Then, when the customer is satisfied with the service, the company will send the staff to pick up the items to be kept at the i-Store when the customer has made an appointment. The Door-to-Door Storage service is suitable for customers who do not want to travel to the storage location but wants to store long-term items at a reasonable price that is worth storing.

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