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Storage Asia Company Limited ("Company" or "i-Store") was established on June 9, 2015, and currently has a registered capital of 77.66 million baht (fully paid) by Mr.Pakdee Anivat, the Chief Executive Officer and the founder of i-Store Self Storage rental business. The company opened its first branch at Silom branch on October 10, 2017, and Sukhumvit 24 branch in the following year.

The beginning of the business stems from the vision of Mr.Pakdee Anivat, who sees opportunities in people's behavior common in condominiums and the increasing population density in Bangkok. In addition to studying trends in the private storage service business in foreign countries such as the United States, England, and in Asian areas such as Hong Kong, Singapore, China, etc., which have urban lifestyle characteristics (Urbanization) close to Thailand. Therefore, we saw an opportunity to develop the storage service business in Thailand. This leads to the creation of the Self Storage business to help solve problems for customers who wish to store personal belongings outside the home, such as luggage, golf bags, festive home accessories, and important items that are of spiritual value or collectibles, etc. In addition, the i-Store service also solves the problem for customers who want to store furniture office equipment, Stocking products, etc.

Self Storage service has grown well. The service in the Silom branch has an occupancy rate of 40% after just seven months of service, while the Sukhumvit 24 branch has a good response after it opened for service only a few months. The Sukhumvit 24 branch and the Silom branch have an average occupancy rate of approximately 85%. It will continue to grow in line with society's changing behavior. The company has set a purpose of the organization, Increasing Space For Urban Life, to guide everyone in developing innovation and new services to help increase the usable space for people living in the city.



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